Episode 6: Lance Hadley: Sauti and Social Enterprises

Welcome back to All About Aid! This week, I sat down to speak with Lance Hadley. Lance is a PhD candidate at The Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, studying geospatial determinants of violence and conflict in periphery regions. He is also the managing director of iAffairs Canada, the web developer for the Canadian International Development Platform, and the Chief Technology Officer for Sauti. Sauti is a social enterprise focused on improving profits and social conditions for cross-border traders in Kenya and Uganda. This episode, we speak about the work that Lance is doing with Sauti and how technology is a valuable tool for economic empowerment in under-represented communities. We also speak about some ethical questions involved in running a social enterprise and how Sauti manages those questions. Lance also recommends that listeners read the book “The Lords of Poverty” by Graham Hancock, as it helped shape his views on international aid, and then further allowed him to rebut some arguments from the book later in his learning.

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